Project Management

Every C-Sharp client benefits from our project management expertise; it is simply the way we do business. We developed proprietary process methodologies that ensure consistent and repeatable success, and all of our software development adheres to these proven strategies. Project management addresses all phases of the Product Life Cycle defined previously.

Clients can also choose to incorporate these practices directly into their own development. C-Sharp personnel can provide consulting services that customize the associated tools to fit a specific project management environment, and can train client personnel in this vital skill.

Project management makes or breaks a project. Successful projects result from keeping the big picture clearly in focus, and evaluating every decision in the light of its impact on that picture. Part art, part science, project management is the discipline of identifying and defining the problem, gathering requirements, evaluating possible solutions, planning and scheduling, designing and implementing the solution, and delivering and supporting it among the customer base.

Accurate scheduling is the often excruciating core of project management, and few organizations perform this critical task well. In many cases, the project schedule practically becomes a product in itself, when in fact it should be an invaluable tool. At C-Sharp we recognize that a project schedule must provide a framework within which project decisions and direction are evaluated, a control mechanism for assessing and reporting project status.

The project schedule must be both developed and managed accurately in order to prove an effective tool. At C-Sharp we base the schedule upon thorough project definition and requirements understanding. We then develop it realistically, with complete knowledge of the resources and expertise available. In addition, the schedule accounts for disruptions such as personnel issues, changes in specifications or requirements, and other distractions. Moreover, C-Sharp manages the schedule by creating attainable milestones that ensure intermediate successes during project development. Finally, C-Sharp constantly monitors project schedules, assessing project status, detecting and responding to issues, and routinely updating the client's expectations accordingly.