From Our President

At C-Sharp Technologies, our business is to partner with clients to solve problems. This implies several principles by which we conduct that business.

First, we have broadened the definition of "consulting." That is, we demand more of ourselves than the traditional model of supplying resources to address a list of tasks. Consulting, for us, means the transfer of knowledge to our clients, and our joint application of that knowledge to create problem solutions. Rather than telling you what you need, we establish a partnership with you. First, we listen and understand your unique challenges and requirements; we then focus our expertise on designing and implementing an effective solution.

Second, we adhere to a simple credo: Do it right the first time, every time. Never sacrifice integrity, quality, or correct solutions to achieve other objectives.

Next, we keep communication lines open. Through regular status and schedule updates, milestones and staged deliverables, and project documentation, you will be constantly informed of our progress. Moreover, you will have multiple opportunities to evaluate our work at intermediate milestones and provide feedback and suggestions.

Finally, we make client success the primary goal, and then strive to exceed the client's expectations in every area. Every hour we invest, every bit of energy we expend, every decision we labor over is validated when the client succeeds; that is success for C-Sharp. However, client satisfaction is not good enough; if we don't exceed our client's expectations, we didn't do our job.

I invite you to take a closer look at what C-Sharp Technologies is all about. We have a clear vision for our company, and would welcome the opportunity to help you succeed. I look forward to hearing from you.

Scott Mills